Sep 18 2017

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PGH MFI Century Club

 An Appeal To Join the PGH MFI Century Club to Benefit Our Indigent PGH Patients

An Appeal To Join the PGH MFI Century Club to Benefit Our Indigent PGH Patients

Dear Fellow UPMASANS,

Apparently, after the P100-million peso donation of Pres.Duterte was received by PGH Director Gerardo Legaspi and announced through the radio, TV and newspapers in March 2017, the PGH patient load was significantly increased: it was said that patients brought to the ER tripled, and 5 beds were added to each of the service wards. About twelve thousand patients were treated with no limit to the financial assistance per patient so that their hospitalization was virtually free as per directive of Pres.Duterte. Dr. Legaspi said the funds were depleted by July 2017. The donation is supposed to be monthly, but as of 12/31/17, the second tranche has not been received. Dr.Legaspi wrote: “I understand the ambivalence that some of the donors had upon hearing the news that PGH is “awash” with money. Even if all of those funds come they will still be not enough to sustain the kind of medical care we envision for our patients, that of high quality and uninterrupted. The private donations take care of ensuring that there is continuity of support for patient needs because there is an unpredictable period on when the next allotment will come, if ever it will come, from DOH or the Office of the President.”

The goal of the PGH MFI Century Club, which was created by the PGH Medical Foundation Inc.(PGH MFI) on July 2, 2015, is to ensure the availability of funds to help our indigent PGH patients meet their financial needs for payment of non-formulary medications, surgical supplies, special laboratory tests, CT Scans, MRI and other medical needs not provided for free at the PGH; as you know, at the PGH, basically only the board and lodging, basic/routine lab tests and xrays and physician services are free. To accomplish this, donations to the PGH MFI Century Club will be allocated as follows: 5% will accrue to the PGH MFI as operating expenses in the administration and management of the Permanent Endowment Fund (PEF) for the PGH MFI Century Club and fiduciary functions of the Century Club; 15% will be earmarked for the immediate use of our indigent patients; 80% will be deposited in the PGH-MFI Century Club Permanent Endowment Fund for investment. Only the investment income from this Permanent Endowment Fund will be used and shall be deposited in the Charity Patients Medical Fund, the flagship project of the PGH MFI, and used strictly for direct financial assistance of our indigent patients in the PGH, not for administrative expenses, infrastructure, equipments and other projects of PGH-MFI. Your assistance and benevolence are therefore immediately received by the patients and are also continued in perpetuity because of the PEF. For transparency and accountability, the PGH MFI will send you an annual financial report on the PGH MFI Century Club.

Following the initial $ 41,254.37 USD donation of Dr. Jocelyn Corre-Orig, UPCM 86, to jump start the PGH MFI Century Club, 81 members (four of which are UPMASA Chapters) have now joined the club through UPMASA as of 1/10/18 for a total donation of $57,150. We need lots lots more, hence this appeal. Please join us in behalf of our indigent PGH patients who are usually the poorest of our poor.

There are three categories of membership in the PGH MFI Century Club: (1) Core member- will make an initial donation of $100 or more and pledge to do the same annually, preferably around their birthday so it wont be forgotten; furthermore, for perpetuity, they will be encouraged to ask their heirs to continue their pledge. (2) Donor member – will make a one time donation of $100 or more. (3) Lifetime member – will make a donation of at least $500. Donor and Lifetime members are not required to make further donation but they will still be encouraged to donate again whenever they can.

For full tax deductibility, please make your check payable to UPMASA and write in the Memo line: PGH MFI Century Club (and your choice of the category of membership: Core or Donor or Lifetime Member) and mail to UPMASA c/o Renato Mandanas, M.D., 1 Mayflower Circle, Oswego, New York 13126. For those who wish to donate using a credit card, you may do so by going to this sublink in our UPMASA website; the only drawback is that the credit card provider charges a service fee – http://www.upmasastore.org/pgh-mfi-century-club-1/.

For those who are 70+ years old, our treasurer informed me that UPMASA, as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, Fed. Tax ID # 37-1099415, is eligible to receive contributions directly from your IRA as a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). Just direct your IRA custodian to send a check in your behalf made payable to UPMASA and write on the Memo line or in their cover letter: PGH Indigent Patient Fund for the PGH MFI Century Club and send to Dr. Mandanas Although this is a form of distribution, it is not counted as an income to you but it qualifies toward meeting your RMD; as such, it may provide better tax benefit than if it was taken as an itemized charitable deduction https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidmarotta/2016/04/28/qualified-charitable-distributions-qcds-from-iras/#2f47c6ed41f1%60.

Thank you very much.


Greg Mariano, Jr., M.D.

UPMASA Lifetime Member; UPCM ’62

Spokesperson for the PGH-MFI CENTURY CLUB in UPMASA


Tel: 814-696-2978

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