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Permanent Endowment Fund

 CHAIR:  Mariano “Bong” Yogorre

Mobile 708 957-5950

Home 312 945-0620

email address is:


Co-Chair: Lourdes Publico: Head of the Scholarship Program of the PEF
Members: Susan Concepcion-Echiverri – President-elect
                Lando Perez – National Treasurer
                Gerry Gomez – Chair, Finance Committee
                Conchita Redmon – Advisory only; cannot vote
               Jess Socrates – 4y appointed member serving 3rd year
               Billy Cabellon – ex oficio advisory – vote to break a tie

The PEF Committee has “ the sole responsibility of raising, investing and preserving the funds of the Permanent Endowment Fund. Its main functions are to provide continuity for all fund-raising efforts of the Society and find the means of conserving, developing and propagating the Permanent Endowment Fund. It shall distribute money in accordance with the IRS rules pertaining to the non-profit status of UPMASA as a 501(C)(3) organization”.

Since its inception in 1986, the Fund has made an impact in the life of the UPCM, its faculty and students. It has also been a conduit through which several UP entities,ie,College of Nursing, School of Public health and UP Visayas, are helped by our alumni.

While the corpus is left untouched, we disburse 5% of the interest per year to fund our projects.
To date, we have 35 scholars,mostly selected by the office of the dean.This year,we are responding to the recommendation of the College to start the scholarship ($500 per semester) at Learning Unit 3 as we noted that some students accepted to UP ended up going to other schools for financial reasons.Some of our best candidates are being lured by other colleges who endow them with generous scholarships.

The PEF continues to provide books to the College Library and funds its computerization program.It has provided laptops and audio-visual aids to various departments.

The Professorial Chairs (PC) and Faculty Grants (FG) need a much needed boost.While we expect the faculty to invest their time and expertise to teach our students, a good number of them do so without compensation at all.
We currently have 26 PCs and 7FGs. It takes a minimum of $30K to form a PC for a yearly disbursement of $1K.
May we appeal for you to have a perpetual impact and create a permanent legacy. You may contribute as an individual, as a class or a chapter. You may identify a pet department or project that you wish to channel your donation to.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Sincerely yours,
Mariano Yogore,MD ( and Lourdes Publico,MD,MPH (
PEF Co-chairs



Policy and Procedures of the UPMASA Scholarship Program


Rationale: To honor and acknowledge the generosity of the donors to the UPMASA Scholarship Program and ensure the timely and efficient disbursement of scholarship grants to their intended recipients.

Policy: The PEF Committee Co-chair in charge of all scholarship grants  that UPMASA administers is the UPMASA Scholarship Program Chair (SPC). S/he campaigns for donations, coordinates with the UP College of Medicine through the Associate Dean for Faculty and Students, serves as a bridge between donors and scholars, reports periodically to the BOG, publishes the names of the donors and scholars in the UPMASA Journal and reports in the Alumni Luncheon Meeting during the Annual Grand Convention.

While the main recipients of the grants are students of the UP College of Medicine, UPMASA   also serves as a conduit for grants to other bodies of the University, eg. College of Nursing, University of Visayas.


A.The PEF Scholarship Fund: to have a scholar  in perpetuity, donors deposit $24,000 to the PEF to fund a scholar with an annual grant of $1,200.

Recipients of this scholarship are selected by the UPCM based on need of student and special requests of the donor.


  1. The $24K may be given lump sum or by installment. A subaccount is opened and once completed, the $24K corpus stays for at least one year to gain interest.

2.At the end of the fiscal year, the UPMASA accountant furnishes the balance of each subaccount and its drawdown value.

  1. If a particular subaccount does not reach the drawdown value of $1200, the difference is taken from the General Scholarship Funds (GSF).

(GSF refers to the accumulated amount from small donations during the early years of the PEF Scholarship campaign and to which are added donations less than $24K from alumni who specify support for students in need).

4.The Chair  informs the UPCM Associate  Dean for Faculty and Students of the number of  slots available for the academic year and if any, the special requests of new donors.

  1. The UPCM selects the scholars and submits the names to the SPC and the Finance Committee Chair

6.The UPMASA treasurer remits the needed amount to the UP Medical Alumni Foundation (UPMAF) PNB account by electronic transmission.

  1. The scholars will only receive the grant once they sign the acknowledgement form which is emailed by the College to the SPC and the respective donors.

8.For non-UPCM grants, the College dean/designee informs the PEF of the grantee and the fund is remitted by the treasurer to the duly designated recipient.

B.Pass Through Scholarship Fund

UPMASA extends this service to alumni who want to support a scholar or scholars for a set period of time,not in perpetuity. Donors determine the amount and duration of support  for a particular student or students of their choice. They may also ask the UPCM Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty and Students to recommend the student.


1.Donors deposit the amount to the National Treasury.It could be more ,equal to or less than $1200, theamount awarded to a PEF scholar.

2.Donors may give a lump sum amount or replenish the fund yearly, until the student graduates or whenever the fund is exhausted.

3.The fund is disbursed in the beginning of the AY to UPMAF

4.As in the PEF Scholars, the student is given the amount upon submission of the acknowledgement form and a letter to the donor.

5. Donors communicate to the SPC their intent at the end of each academic year,ie., if they want to continue or if the student has graduated,if they want to support another one.

6.For non-UPCM scholars, the donor informs the SPC of the amount, the name/s of the student they wish to support and to whom the money is released.



C.The UPMASA alumna-UPCM combo or Hybrid Grant: started Academic Year 2017-2018, this is meant to encourage more alumni to support a student in need.


1.The alumnus donates $500 and the College adds $700 so the student also receives $1200 per year, like the PEF grant.

2.As in the PT scheme, the donor may give a lump sum amount or give $500 annually. The donor is committed to continue the yearly contribution for at least 3 years.


Person Responsible:

Lou Publico, MD

PEF Co-chair known as the UPMASA Scholarship Program Chair(SPC)

Reports to the Finance Committee Chair


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Tax deductible;  US Non-Profit IRS Tax ID 37-1099415


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