Feb 06 2018

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Pediatric Neurosurgical and Craniofacial Operating Unit

The story behind the Pediatric Neurosurgical and Craniofacial Operating Unit of PGH.

VIEW presentation:  PNCOU to PNCMMT

Created a few years ago, PNCOU’s goal was to shorten or eliminate the 2 year waiting backlog of Congenital Neurosurgical patients needing surgery at PGH. This was accomplished by dedicating an Operating room for Hydrocephalic babies, Encephalocoeles, Craniofacial anomalies, Complex cleft lip and palates and brain tumors, and to keep it running 8 hours a day 5 days a week. In order to achieve this, 2 OR nurses and a utility worker have to be paid by private donations at a cost of P600,000 a year or roughly $12,000.   The rest of the patient basic needs are taken cared of by Philippine General Hospital (Room, basic labs, medications, Physicians).   

Each year, the office of the PGH Director, Dr Gap Legaspi, would pool donations from every different sources and hope that there is enough to keep this project running. When the funds run dry, the room closes and surgeries get delayed.   The PNCOU performs around 300 cases a year.   Since the inception of PNCOU, the waiting time has been drastically reduced. “Families no longer camp out along Taft Ave, waiting for their turn for surgery”.   The accompanying slide presentation are their stories.


The UPMASA Chicago NW Indiana & Milwaukee Chapter has adopted the initiative to help PNCOU get funded each year. Please join the UPMASA members and their friends who have started donating to this worthy project.  


There are 2 ways to donate.


We visited PGH on February 23, 2018 and the Director himself gave us a tour of PGH and several ongoing projects. We saw the UPMASA Operation Wildfire renovated ward. Finally we got to see the Pediatric Neurosurgical and Cranio-Facial Operating unit.   Henry and Susan Echiverri



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  1. strokedoke

    in an email Message from the Director Wednesday February 14:

    Thank you for this encouraging news. Actually the PNCOU is currently closed because funds have ran out already. I am putting together funds to reopen it at the soonest possible time. I have solicited enough to operate it again for 2 months .

    I am looking forward to having your family over . Feb 19 though is the PGH Strat Planning day and we will all be in a venue outside PGH for this. How about Feb 23 ? I will be here the whole morning
    and I can take you around.

    Regards to Susan


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