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How to Request Funding for a Project/Grant

    1. Fill Application Form (Roll Form to See all Portions)

2. Click SUBMIT to email application to Chair, Project Coordination Committee

3. PCC Chair reviews Grant/Project request for merit.

4. If meritorious, PCC Chair sends Project/Grant request to members for approval or disapproval

(Email For to all PCC Members of Grant/Project File Attached)


PCC members (email – approve or disapproves with rational


PCC chair collates votes.


If approves sends to Finance/PEF

if disapprove send mail to requestor with rational


If PCC committee approves send grant/project to Finance/PEf for funding

If meritorious, and coordinates with Finance or PEF if there is available funding,

Finace/PEf determines if funding is available

Funding available, Funding not available for

? ? suggest other fundign?sources such as chapters; fund raise (Informs

then approves the project and informs the entity.

Finance or PEF releases the Fund and Treasurer sends it to recipient via 3 paths.? Since most projects are UPCM or PGH, the money will go to the office of DEAN or PGH DIRECTOR.? If it is for outside projects, then it goes to UP MANILA CHANCELLOR.? These offices will be the ones releasing the money to the specific recipients with specified deadlines for reporting back.
Recipients will submit proof of project completion back to the DEAN, PGH Director or CHANCELLOR who then updates UPMASA. If the results are to our satisfaction, then further funding of other projects will continue.? IF the recipients are delinquent in submitting project status, the further funding of any projects to COLLEGE, PGH or Chancellor will be put on hold.
This is a safeguard so that money sent is really put to what it was used for and the burden is then put on the shoulders of the DEAN, PGH Director and or Chancellor to make sure it is completed otherwise their charges will not get any further money from UPMASA.
We want to simulate these events in the WEB or online.? The attached Power point is the idea we were supposed to do but the project estimate would cost $15,000. ? Initial discussion with Jess, PEF and Finance all said it was too expensive.
Since the developer is essentially creating a WEBSITE for GRANT application, I asked whether this ENGINE or PLATFORM can become a WEBSITE of its own capable of taking over and ?accommodating our aging?, he said definitely!? They can do this along with other features that we would like to have including the updated version of the site being mobile friendly.? This is the total cost of $20,000 that I was talking about.
I have had experience supervising WEB development in our Neurosciences Department and this cost is cheap.? It is a one time cost and the engine uses same WORDPRESS that is user friendly for webmasters like you and me (Same Dashboard etc).
Pls review the attached Power Point of what I was going to do for PCC. It can be used by PEF for their scholars and Professorial chairs.? The beauty of this is it is OPEN in the WEB and anyone with the project number can track what the status is.? Donor can click on website and see what happened to their money.