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Project Coordination Committee





The Project Coordination Committee (PCC) has developed policies and procedures to provide a centralized, coordinated oversight of programs and projects funded by the University of the Philippines Medical Alumni Society of America (UPMASA). These guidelines provide uniformity in procedural administration and reduce the variation in service delivery to the recipients.


The PCC is the agency by which the donor is assured that the donation is utilized according to his/her intent through a thorough, preliminary review of the donation and its purpose, a planned disbursement of funds, and oversight of the project through periodic progress reports and accounting of disbursements.


These guidelines will be reviewed and revised periodically as UPMASA adjusts to the dynamic nature of national and international events.


I.Identification and Review of Proposals and Projects


The PCC will oversee projects which include those funded from the UPMASA National treasury, such as projects sponsored by chapters, classes, UPCM fraternities, sororities and student organizations, individuals, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and projects funded by the UPMASA Permanent Endowment Fund (PEF).


  1. The PCC will review all proposals and projects and will prioritize them according to their merits, taking into consideration the total cost of the project and the availability of funds.? The process of review is also necessary to avoid duplication of projects.? The funds will be allocated to finance the projects of and/or the University of the Philippines College of Medicine (UPCM), the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) and the UP system. Funding for projects aside from these 3 institutions can also be reviewed by the PCC.


  1. Proposals that are submitted to UPMASA for funding will be reviewed according to an established algorithm (see Algorithm).


3.?? Proposals submitted to the PCC are of 3 types:


a) Type 1 is a proposal that requests for funding from UPMASA National. This proposal should be submitted using PCC Form 1 (see Forms). The proposal must include a description of the project, a budget plan, implementation strategies and reporting methodology.


b) Type 2 is a proposal that is already funded by a private individual, UPMASA chapter, UPCM class, etc. for a specific purpose. This proposal should be submitted to the PCC using PCC Form 2 (see Forms). The DONOR (e.g., funding individual or organization) and NOT the RECIPIENT of the donation (e.g., UPCM, PGH) should file the Type 2 proposal to the PCC.


c) Type 3 is a proposal that emanates from a private individual, UPMASA chapter, UPCM Class, etc. for donation to a charitable or 501 c organization in the United States.


c) Forms 1, 2 and 3 can be downloaded from the UPMASA website (Henry to provide specific link)


3. Review of proposals: All proposals submitted to the PCC will be initially reviewed by the PCC chairman for appropriateness and whether the proposal is consistent with the guidelines and policies of UPMASA. The PCC chairman will then forward the proposal to the committee for review and approval. Proposals that have < $5000 funding will be reviewed by a subcommittee of 4 members to expedite the review process. Proposals that cost >$5000 will be sent to the whole PCC committee for review and approval. A majority vote by the committee is needed for the proposal to be approved. In the event of a tie, the chairman shall vote to break the tie.


4. Contractual Agreement: After a proposal has been approved by the PCC, the PCC chair will send a contractual agreement to the recipient organization and UPMASA Treasurer for their signatures. (see ?Contractual agreement).


5. Disbursement of funds: Once the PCC chairman receives the signed contractual agreement, the chair will authorize the UPMASA Treasurer to disburse the funds for the project. The UPMASA Treasurer is responsible for receiving all disbursement receipts from the recipient organization.


6. Processing fee: A 3% processing fee is levied on all disbursements by UPMASA unless waived by the UPMASA Treasurer with approval of the UPMASA president and Chairman of the UPMASA Board of Governors.


7. Reporting of funded projects: Progress on all projects funded by UPMASA shall be annually reported to the PCC by the respective recipients of the donation. All disbursements and receipts on projects funded by UPMASA shall be annually sent to the UPMASA Treasurer for accounting purposes.


II. Sources and Types of Funds:


a)???? Non-restricted funds

  • Donations channeled thru the National Treasury
  • Surplus fund* from the National Treasury appropriated by the UPMASA Board of Governors (BOG).


b)?? Restricted funds represent funds from:

  • Permanent Endowment Fund
  • UPMASA chapters
  • UPCM classes
  • UPCM fraternities, sororities or student organizations
  • Individual UPCM alumni
  • Non UPCM/private donors**
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)**

* Surplus fund refers to any unused or left over money in the National Treasury after all general (operational and shared) expenses for the year have been appropriated.


** Non-UPCM alumni and NGO benefactors may donate to the UPCM/PGH and to other branches of the UP System.? In this instance, the UPMASA acts as a pass-through entity, and an assessment fee equivalent to 3% of the total donation will be imposed


UPMASA Responsibilities as Donor and Agent


  1. All projects or proposals that do not emanate directly from UPMASA must be first submitted to the PCC for review and approval. No disbursement for these projects can be made unless formally authorized by the PCC chairman.


  1. UPMASA has initiated a partnership with the UP Manila Foundation, the PGH Medical Foundation and the UP Medical Alumni Fund to be the principal recipient of funds for approved projects.? For all other projects, disbursements can be made by the UPMASA National Treasurer to specific, approved organizations.


  1. UPMASA donations shall not be restricted to the UP system as long as the donation is consistent with the goals and objectives of UPMASA. No donation can be given to an individual for personal use.


  1. Funds are disbursed by the UPMASA treasurer by wire transfer to the Philippine National Bank or an approved organization or institution. The mechanism that is used is by remittance via the Philippine National Bank Remittance Center Inc (PNB-RCI) branches in the US. The dollar disbursement is converted to pesos as per the dollar exchange rate of the day the remittance is sent.


  1. If funds are disbursed by UPMASA by check, the check will be delivered by a UPCM alumnus or official courier to the recipient organization. Along with the check will be two (2) copies of an UPMASA generated receipt form to be signed by the courier and the recipient of the fund. One copy is left with the office of the recipient and the second copy shall be sent by the courier to the UPMASA National Treasurer.


  1. All funds disbursed by UPMASA for specific projects that been approved by the PCC shall contain a PCC ID number.


  1. The PCC shall monitor projects approved by the committee and funded by UPMASA.


  1. The PCC shall submit periodic report to the UPMASA Board of Governors on projects funded by UPMASA.




II.Responsibilities of the Recipient organization



  1. Complete a contractual agreement with UPMASA that includes terms of funding and reporting requirements.


  1. Submit annual progress* and disbursement reports according to the PCC and UPMASA Treasurer (see section 1.7).


Note* The recipient is encouraged to perform process evaluation/outcome measurement for the annual progress report.


  1. Acknowledge UPMASA donation in public presentations and publications.


  1. Maintain communication with the PCC by means of written reports and electronic mails.


  1. Expect site visits by PCC or UPMASA representatives of UPMASA donated projects.


IV. Membership


C & BL Section 6.0417. The Project Coordination Committee (PCC) shall review funding proposals and oversee projects funded by UPMASA.? It shall provide the process for the release of funds, preservation of accountability and evaluation of projects.? The members of the committee include the Incumbent President, President-Elect, National Treasurer, PEF Chairs, Chair of the Class and Chapter Development Liaison Committee and four (4) other members of the Society appointed by the Chair with the approval of the BOG. ? The Immediate Past-President is an ex-officio member.? ?The Chair of the PCC will serve a term of two years and will be elected by the members of the PCC. The Chair may be re-elected to serve additional terms.
Revised 14July2013