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Project Coordination Committee

Chair: Dr. Jess Socrates


Cell: 717-817-1608


Members: JOSE DAVID, M.D. Incumbent President, SUSAN ECHIVERRI, M.D. President-Elect, WILLIAM ROMERO, M.D. – Immediate past President (ex-o cio), RENATO MANDANAS, M.D. National Treasurer, MARIANO YOGORE, M.D. and LOU PUBLICO, M.D. Chairs of the PEF, GLENN BATILLER, M.D. Medical Missions, CECILE PASION-BREGMAN, M.D. Post-Graduate Education and Faculty Development, PATRICIO REYES, M.D. Research, Silverio Cabellon, Jr., M.D., Enrique Ostrea, M>D>


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2. Policies Procedures of the Committee


3. Projects approved by the Committee: JANUARY 2018 Report

Upgrading the Audio Visual Equipment for the College of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of the Philippines Los Banos

The University of the Philippines College of Forestry and Natural Resources in Los Banos, sought for a $20,000 dona on to purchase an adequate audiovisual system for their existng classroom/auditorium. The auditorium was named a few years ago a er the late father of Dr. Nick Lansigan. Nick’s father was known as one of the foremost forester of the country, and a leading con- serva onist at the me. Dr. Lansigan will donate the $20,000 for this project.

2017 -11 Bigas for Tondo TB patients
UPCM Class of 1981, represented by Dr. Jose na S. Isidro-Lapena, Professor UP Manila AND Dr. Moses Ramos, based in the US submitted a project proposal to support a feeding program for TB DOTS pa ents in Canossa Health and Social Center in Tondo, Manila (where Dr. Lapena serves as consultant). The project will increase the adherence to directly observed ingestion of TB drugs. Estimated annual cost is $2,400. Members of Class 1981 will fund this project.

(The approved PCC applications are attached)

Bigas for Tondo TB (1)?

$20,000 for Los Banos Audiovisual Equipment, donated by Dr Nick Lansigan ?Donation