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Chicago/NW Indiana & Milwaukee

President: Manuel Sarroca, MD  2017-2019




Legal papers for nonprofit status of UPMASA Chicago Chapter Authored by our President Evelyn Taberrah-Lacuesta:

There are 2 registrations that are needed, which I am aware of, thus far, to operate a nonprofit organization in Illinois.
1. Registration with the Secretary of State of Illinois.
This is to get a certificate of good standing. In early April 2016, I called the office of the Secretary of State to find out the process of renewal of our registration. I was told that our certificate was still good and before I can file for a renewal, I have to file for a change in agent as the previous agent (Nexus) is the authorized agent on file with their office.
I think the the question to be resolved is– do we have an agent or not. If we do have an agent, this should be acted on post haste by the agent in order for our registration not to lapse.
I did Google CSC and found CSC (Corporation Services of America). Their headquarters is in Delaware . The address is 2711 Centerville Road Suite 400, Wilmington Delaware 19808. Their toll free number is 866-403-5272, US number is 302-636-5400. Someone has to get in touch with them if indeed they are the entity that billed us for services. Their website is site has a tab for offering registration agent services.
Our previous presidents are not aware of the process of registration because in the past, they have not needed to do it on their own.

2. Registration with the office of the Illinois Attorney General for nonprofit organizations soliciting charitable contributions in the State of Illinois.
You are aware of the saga of obtaining this registration. Suffice it to say that after my numerous calls to their office asking for explicit instructions in non-legal parlance, we submitted the application in November 2015. In January 2016, I called them to follow up on the progress of the application. I was told that they were reviewing applications from October 2015. I was instructed to submit a letter requesting an expedited review which I sent by overnight mail. After the review, a letter stating the additional requirements needed was returned to the address of the treasurer . This brought on numerous discussions/ emails regarding the interpretation of the statutes, etc, etc… We finally have the permit to do fundraising in Illinois. I will email a hard copy to you as soon as I get my hands on it.
Again, this is where we needed an agent with experience in the requirements to file for such permit.
3. Sales tax exemption certificate
This involved writing a letter to the Illinois Department of Revenue, requesting for such certificate with the information as stated in their website. I called the Illinois Department of Revenue office before I filed the letter with the required information. I subsequently received a reply asking for more information including a list of the names and addresses of the scholars through the years, the recipients of the professorial chairs that we endowed and the names and addresses of the recipients. I am thankful to Gerry Pinder who supplied me with the information. You already have a copy of this certificate.
This is not a mandatory certificate to operate as a nonprofit organization in Illinois. However, having a tax exempt certificate has allowed us to ask the vendors not to charge a sales tax.
I hope this satisfies what you are requesting for, in your email. I would appreciate it if you can update me re: the authorized agent, so I know how to proceed accordingly with the Illinois registration with the Secretary of State.

Evelyn Tabberrah – Lacuesta
Chicago/NW Indiana Chapter

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