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Membership Committee 

Positions available/wanted

NEW MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY is under construction.  We apologize for the inconvenience

Please email any update on your personal information to the membership committee.

Old Members’ DIRECTORY:  this will be available indefinitely while new directory is being constructed 

To use the old Directory, click on image below.  Sign in with your e-mail used to register.  

Forgot email address used [too many email addresses]?  Please contact the

Internet Services Committee c/o

Search for members with its easy to use format, edit your profile as you go.


Go to Member’s services tab as shown below                                          then LOG in, using your e-mail

Then click directory search and type in information….enjoy!

e-mail address used is the e-mail you used to register to our  old upmasa-online site.  If you forgot, send notice to the ISC c/o and we will reset email for you.


  1. rparafiles23

    I would like to know who is in charge of the website of UPMASA I am practicing in Guam and I have to register my apartment in San Francisco because there is no Guam in the website directory.

    Can this be corrected?

    Ruben P. Arafiles, MD. ’71.

  2. lacbawaf

    How can one update current affiliation? Please direct to site or contact person. Thanks.
    Fe Lacbawan

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