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Instructions for using Member Listing Directory

The members will use a general ID and Password as follows:

User:  upmasamember

PW:  upmasa


(To be able to do more detailed search, please contact Membership Committee or Internet Services Committee for the necessary credentials to log in.  The following pictorial will show steps when using these credentials)

STEP 1:  pull down “Member Listing” tab and log in with credentials



STEP 2:  Click member report



STEP 3:  Sample Member report



To request a listing according to certain criteria (i.e.:  Class 81 in New York, etc)  please contact Internet Services Committee c/o  Henry Echiverri at hechiverrimd@gmail.com or Membership Committee Chairperson

To correct any information, or update any information, please fill up Membership Form and send

To pay DUES, Click HERE


Thank You