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Tagni is a “Tagalog” word referring to a piece of cloth joined to another, end to end (side to side).  Tagnihan or Tagni-an means the process of piecing them together to form a shape.

Life is like being given several pieces of these clothes.  At the UP College of Medicine, we were all handed these pieces of textiles from the bolts of material sources.  They might differ in sizes or shapes but each of us was dealt with these fabrics and it was up to us to patch them together in whatever way we wanted, to make our own uniquely crafted quilt of life experience, to make us the Physicians that we are now.  No two quilt will never be exactly the same.  Sometimes, quilts are joined together to make one bigger masterpiece.  Each graduating Class of the UP College of Medicine is a unique blend of Quilted Masterpieces.

Helping us edit the previous “quilts” of wonderful manuscripts for the last issue were:  Dr. Eugenio “Gene” Alcazaren, Dr. Norman Pay, and Dr. Susan Echiverri.  Now we embark on a format featuring a guest Editor who will present her class 67’s quilted work of life experiences.

As for me, to meet the deadline, with the blessings of our ISC Chair Dr. Henry Ty, we metamorphosed our old website to become the temporary home of our online publication, while a smartphone-friendly version is being constructed (Still waiting, but soon).  It will then be linked to our main website,  Like the pieces of clothes joined to one another, TAGNI-AN!


Henry Echiverri, ’81

October 6, 2020