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Policy and Procedures

2013-15 Chair:  Aurora Alonso-Perez MD


AUTHORITY: 6.0401 The Archives Committee shall be responsible for the collection, preservation and proper maintenance of essential historical documents pertinent to the activities of the Society, including but not exclusive to the preparation of exhibits and other educational activities as deemed appropriate.

PRINCIPLE: The purpose of the archives is to provide for the retention of materials of historical and/or vital interest of UPMASA, and to permanently document the work of UPMASA, to make a history of the organization accessible to UPMASA members and other researchers, and to provide a context for understanding UPMASA’s progression, principles and traditions.

COMPOSITION: The Chair of the Committee is appointed by the newly elected President of UPMASA at the beginning of his/her term. The Chair of the Archives Committee will then appoint at least one other member of the committee, who will be the Vice-Chair. A few other interested members of UPMASA (if any) may be part of the committee, appointed by the Chair of the Committee.

The term of all members of the Membership Committee is co-terminus with the term of the current President which is 2 years. Any member’s term can be extended by the incoming President.

MEETINGS: The Constitution and Bylaws of UPMASA governs all standing committee meetings. To wit: 7.0302 All standing and special committees of the Society shall hold at least one meeting each calendar year at the call of the committee chair.

7.0303 A majority of the members of any standing or special committee of the Society shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the committee.

7.04 Notice of meetings of the Society, Board of Governors, or any standing or special committee shall be deemed to have been delivered if given orally, by telephone, mail electronic mail or telegram. If mailed, such notice shall be deemed to be delivered when deposited in the United States mail, addressed to a member at the address appearing in the records of the Society. 7.05 Parliamentary Procedures: Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern all meetings of the Society, the Board of Governors, and the Standing and Special Committees.

A copy of the minutes of the meetings of the committees shall be transmitted to the Secretary and President of the Society in a timely manner.


1.  The archives should contain only materials of general historical importance. This includes records which document the life span of UPMASA, its organization and development, its functions, and its activities

2.  The archives should include, therefore: non-current relevant correspondence, correspondence of Chapter officers; items concerning policy or of a controversial nature; all publications, including every issue of the newsletter; all reports and all minutes; closed account books; all chapter awards with accompanying documentation; all compiled rosters of officers       and members; bylaws; photographs; and procedures manuals.

3.  Correspondence, for archival purposes, shall not include items of transitory interest such as thank you notes, arrangements                     for non-institute business meetings, etc. Drafts of memos, working papers and revisions need not be kept unless it would be                     difficult to trace the steps leading to a major decision without them.

4.  It is recommended that the Archivist maintain a quick reference card file or  loose-leaf notebook to be used to respond to the                    most frequently asked questions. The following items should be included for ready reference:

a. Officers: List of elected officers and committee chairpersons and members for the last 10 years.

b. Programs: List of institutes and workshops (program titles) and  speaker’s names.

c. History: Date of establishment, place of first meeting and other outstanding events, e.g. visit by Association                                                 officer.

d. Special Publications: Title and date of publication.


The archives will be organized into major categories and subcategories ( as follows:

  • UPMASA (Materials pertaining to the chapter as a whole)
    • Bylaws (Including all revisions and amendments)
    • History (Materials pertaining to establishment and early growth of Chapter)
    • Membership Lists of Chapter Members
    • Memorials and Awards (Special recognition to chapter or its members)
    • Minutes of Business Meetings
    • Photographs
    • Procedures Manual, Chapter and Association
    • Publicity (Clippings, pictures, etc., about Chapter or its members)
    • Board of Governors – Minutes and Reports
    • Roster of Officers and Committee Members
    • President (Annual report and other materials of permanent importance, including correspondence not found elsewhere)
    • Secretary (Materials of permanent importance, including correspondence not found elsewhere; minutes are filed elsewhere)
    • Treasurer (A copy of the yearly budget and annual statement, and other materials of permanent interest not found elsewhere. Bank statements, cancelled checks, receipted bills, etc. should be held five years and not sent to permanent archives)
    • Other Officers
  • COMMITTEES/CHAPTER GROUPS (Arranged alphabetically by name of Committee or Chapter Group)
  • PUBLICATIONS (Archival files should contain one copy of the actual publication.  Correspondence pertaining to a publication should be filed in the folder of the committee or position responsible for the publication.)
    • Newsletter
    • Membership Directory
    • Others (e.g. Program lists, etc.)

REPORTS: The Archives Committee will prepare an annual report summarizing its activities over the previous fiscal year. The report must include all decisions of the committee. Reports may contain recommendations or proposals. Copies of this report, both in hard copy and in electronic form, will be submitted at the AGC.


MGY 9.24.2010

BOG Approval: 3/18/2011


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