Feb 13 2016

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BSLR Renovation Project- “you may say I’m a dreamer…jl”

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The dream:   A new BSLR complex

Vision: Transform BSLR into a state of the art academic facility to serve the present and future teaching-learning needs of the UPCM community

Background – Why do we need a new BSLR

  • BSLR as traditional lecture room facility outgrown
  • Change in UPCM curriculum from traditional, lecture and subject-based to integrated with emphasis on Small Group Discussions
  • Expansion of graduate degree programs with additional facility requirements
  • Need for clinical simulation facilities to improve learning and promote patient safety

Envisioned Facility

  • 2 state of the art auditoriums (250 capacity each)
  • Modular learning facilities (groups of 10 – 80)
  • Advanced clinical simulation lab
  • Roof-deck for social functions


Financing requirements

  • P220-240M for building core and interior fitting out
  • Negotiations underway with philantrophists to cover cost of building core
  • Participation of various sectors/donors to cover interior fitting out
  • UPCM counterpart fund to pay architectural fees, demolition, etc.

How can you help?

  • Secure sponsorships/donors

            – Individual

            – as a Class/Section/Department/Institution

            – External sponsors/donors

Scheme of Acknowledgement for any portion of the BSLR Project

  • Donations will be categorized as “Platinum” for five million pesos and up, “Gold” for two million to less than five million pesos, “Silver” for one million to less than two million pesos, and “Bronze” for five hundred thousand to less than one million pesos. All donations of one hundred thousand pesos and up will be recognized with their names engraved on a plaque to be located in the lobby. In addition, individual donors of one million pesos and up will have their portraits made by one artist and will be displayed in the main lobby to be preserved for as long as the building exists.  

Scheme of Acknowledgement for donations specific to the First Floor Auditorium

    Platinum – $10,000 & above
    Gold – $5000 & above but less than $10,000.
    Silver- $1000 & above but less than $5000
    Bronze – $500 & above but less than $1000
    Provisos: 1. The above scheme is for a single individual donating the entire respective amount.
                   2. That Classes, Chapters,and other Groups shall have only the name of their group listed if their donation is made up of donations from  individual members.
                   3. Plaques will only be located inside the First Floor Auditorium

Multiple Donors (UPCM graduates / classes)

  • Many institutions everywhere have very strong alumni support – not enough for UPCollege of Medicine (UPCM)
  • We are all where we are now because of UPCM
  • Time for us to pay forward to our college
  • Let us all unite to build the new BSLR for our UP College of Medicine


Payment Scheme:

Payment may be made in 3 installments

  • 25% by Octobr 31, 2015
  • Another 25% by December 18, 2015
  • Remaining 50% by March 31, 2016
  • May avail of tax deductions for 2015 and 2016
  • Upgradeable donation status, as long as done before completion of project
  • Donors from the same batch may be pooled together for a “Class” designated room



  • All donors will be properly acknowledged
  • Corporate donors will have their names engraved prominently in the main lobby
  • Individual silver donors and up (1M pesos and up) will have their portraits done by 1 local artist and displayed in the lobby under different categories
  • Bronze donors will only have their names listed
  • All these recognitions will be preserved for the lifespan of the new building


For Particulars, CONTACT:

Dean Agnes Mejia – agnesmejiamd@gmail.com

Associate Dean Armand Crisostomo – armandcrs@yahoo.com

Dr Rody Sy – Rodysymd@gmail.com

UPMASA CONTACT:   Dr Silverio Cabellon Jr  Immediate Past President & Chair of the ad hoc committee on the BSLR:   scabellonjr@gmail.com


Additional Architecture details:

BSLRroof BSLRpers BSLRbase BSLR7th BSLR6th BSLR5th BSLR4th BSLR2nd.1 BSLR2nd BSLR1st


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