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Officers 2017-19

President: Jose Victor M. Ventura, M.D. (for any inquiry send email to:

Vice-President: ?Dr. Damaso Bueno

Secretaries: ?Dr. Gailey Gonzalez-Ona ?& ? Dr. Catherine Lisondra-Krings

Treasurer: ?Dr Raul Vincent Gatchalian

Advisers: ?Dr Ernerio T Alboliras ?& ?Dr Patricio Reyes

Chapter Reports


Link: Chapter Report Template (Add Visual Form)


Construction Notes:

1. “FIND YOUR CHAPTER” –> link to page listing of all our Chapters; if unclear what area they cover (like IKOT or Southeast), give additional information beside chapter name. For example: “?Southeast (FL/GA): Dr. Eric Flores ’77
a.?Chapter Name: clicking should lead to that Chapter’s page showing list of officers and the ability/link to “Send a message” to that Chapter if a new member arrives/inquires. This would be a great point of first contact and easy to find.